• Children's Program Director

    Annie Garde is the Children's Program Director and host and producer of the Pea Green Boat and the Children's Corner.

  • Autumn is a UM student majoring in Radio and minoring in Communications. She is an associate produce for the the MTPR podcast "Can Do: Lessons From Savvy Montana Entrepreneurs."

  • Host

    Barbara Koostra is the host of Wednesday Morning Classics

  • News Anchor, Board Operations Specialist & Audio Producer/Engineer

    Beau is a recent graduate of the UM School of Journalism. He hosts Morning Edition on weekdays and serves as a producer and engineer for the MTPR program "Campaign Beat." Every second Monday of the month he spins vinyl on Freeforms.  

  • Host and Producer

    Beth Anne Austein has been spinning tunes on the air (The Folk Show, Dancing With Tradition, Freeforms), as well as recording, editing and mixing audio for Montana Public Radio and Montana PBS, since the Clinton Administration. She’s jockeyed...