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Show Your Support For Montana Public Radio Wherever You Drive

Get your MTPR specialty plate today.

Look good and do good with a new license plate featuring the beautiful artwork of acclaimed Montana artist Monte Dolack. This is an easy way to support Montana Public Radio by simply registering your vehicle! When you choose the MTPR license plate, $30 goes to support local news, arts and hand-picked music at MTPR.  And, you'll be helping us reach our goal of 400 plates for the year needed to keep it in production and available in the future.  

Look for it under the Service Organizations & Associations section at the MT Motor Vehicle Division.

FAQs about getting the MTPR License Plate:

Q:  What if the MTPR plate is not yet in stock at my local DMV when I go to renew my registration?

A:  You will pay the costs associated with the MTPR plate ($60) + cost to register your vehicle.  Once the MTPR plate comes in, it will be mailed directly to you with current stickers affixed (at no additional charge) along with your updated registration card. It will take 3 to 4 weeks for your plate to arrive. Your old plate will then become void.

Q:  What if I’m registering my vehicle for the first time (title transaction) and I need a temporary plate while I wait for the MTPR plate to come in?

A:  The cost for a temporary plate (paper) is $19.50, and the cost for a standard issue plate (aluminum) is $10. You can choose to use either of these while you wait for the MTPR plate to come in. Please ask the clerk what the most cost effective option will be.  Your total cost will include the charge for the temporary plate (either $19.50 or $10) + $20 (admin/manufacturing fee) +$30 donation to MTPR + registration cost.  It will take 3 to 4 weeks for your plate to arrive. Your old plate will then become void.

Q:  How much will I pay when I renew next year with the MTPR plate?

A:  You will pay the cost to register your vehicle + $30 donation to MTPR. 

Q:  What if I currently have a specialty plate and wish to switch to the MTPR plate?

A:  Cost will be $60 ($20 admin/manufacturing fee + $10 switch plate fee + $30 donation to MTPR) + cost to register your vehicle.  If the MTPR plate is in stock, you’ll just switch your old one out. If the plate isn’t in stock when you renew, it will be mailed directly to you within 3 to 4 weeks.

Q: Can I choose the MTPR plate if I’m getting a permanent registration for my older vehicle (11 years +)?

A: Yes, you can. The cost will be the amount for the permanent registration + $30 donation to MTPR +$30 admin/manufacturing fee and switch plate fee. Unless you want to transfer the plate to another vehicle later on, you won’t pay anything ever again.

The more the MTPR plate is requested at your local DMV, the more likely it will be available at the time of registration.

If you have a question that hasn’t been addressed here, please call Suzanne Grist, 243-4988.