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Here's what happened in Montana's 2024 Primary Election. Winners according to AP race calls.
2024 Montana Election Guide

Montana Primary Elections: June 4, 2024

Federal Races

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“There is opportunities for jobs for us but they’re hard to find and they’re not a lot of them. So I feel like a lot of us will just have to transfer to a much bigger state, a much different environment. You kind of just lose what I love about Montana, you know, just scenery, sense of community.”
“Nowadays, if you say anything decent about the other guy on the other side, ‘oh boy.’ People are just divided so bad. Well, you can see it going on in Washington. They’re split and they won’t honor anything the other side wants.”
What do you look for in a candidate?

“Home. You know, Montana. If you’re from Montana, you’re alright. You know, you the values, you know how hard you work. You know the values, the family, where you’re from. And you know what we need.”

“Give reservations more chances. Give us more opportunities instead of just pushing us to our reservation. I feel like we should be taken serious because we’re still here. We’re always going to be here and nothing’s going to make us disappear or make us go.”



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