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Find out what's happening with Montana Public Radio's DJ's, staff, and listeners.

We're taking applications now for reporters to fill a vacancy in Butte and expand into Great Falls.
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    This position will work with us to understand and reach new audiences and coordinate community engagement efforts across multiple departments throughout Montana Public Radio. This position ensures that MTPR is serving all Montanans with its program offerings by understanding who Montanans are, and identifying gaps.
  • We're working to better understand the people and perspectives we bring to our news coverage so we can meet the diverse needs of all Montanans. We'll also be reaching out to the community for story suggestions and feedback to help guide our news priorities.
  • When you make your contribution in any amount today to support Montana Public Radio, you are investing in trusted news, hand-picked music, children’s shows and so much more.
  • Have you ever wondered who's on the other end of your radio playing the hand-picked music you tune in for? Now you can meet some of our program hosts, ask your questions or just say hello. Register now for an online meet & greet with MTPR DJs, Wednesday, November 10 at 7 p.m.
  • As the summer turns to fall here in western Montana, I’m happy that we’ve been a place you can turn to as this rollercoaster of an ongoing pandemic continues. We’re proud to be here for you with the trusted news and information you need, the wonderfully entertaining, hand- picked music shows and the informational offerings you find on MTPR. And most of all, we thank YOU for your continued financial support.
  • Because listeners provide the majority of MTPR’s day-to-day budget — over 75% —this unique public service relies on the power of support like yours for the bedrock funding that makes everything we do possible.