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Find out what's happening with Montana Public Radio's DJ's, staff, and listeners.

On Dec 1, Join Vicki Cheney and the Missoula Youth Orchestra for a live performance on The Pea Green Boat at the ZooTown Arts Community Center in Missoula.
  • MTPR's Katy Wade and Ellis Juhlin
    Katy Wade
    This spring, MTPR's Ellis Juhlin and Katy Wade set out on a multi-purpose road-trip across northeast Montana to sit down and meet with those to hear what they wanted to share about their home.
  • Terry Conrad co-founded MTPR (along with Phil Hess) in 1973. Among his countless contributions to public radio in the state, he brought Jazz to the airwaves and has been spinning it ever since. Jazzoula Spring '23 will honor Terry with a concert tonight. Tune in to MTPR to listen live from 8 to 10 p.m. We asked his longtime coworkers to share their thoughts about Terry. Here's what they said.