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More ways to listen live:

  • NPR One
  • iTunes
  • Tunein
  • Alternate stream
  • Amazon Alexa:

    • Ask Alexa to "Play NPR"
    • Alexa will ask you what station you want to hear; you can say "Montana Public Radio" or "Browse by location" and choose Montana Public Radio
    • To listen, say "Play NPR," or "Ask NPR to play Montana Public Radio"
    • You can change your station by saying, "Ask NPR to change my station"
    • Ask Alexa to "Play Morning Edition" to hear the most recent Morning Edition Broadcast from MTPR

Problems streaming from the website?

  1. Try streaming with a different browser or device. If the stream plays, then the problem is with your browser or device. The Safari browser is especially prone to problems. We recommend the Chrome or Firefox browsers for the best experience
  2. Confirm that javascript is enabled in your browser. If not, follow the steps to enable it for your browser. Then reload the page and try the stream again
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Archives are no longer available, the organization that made them possible has gone out of business. We're looking for alternatives now.

On Demand:

MTPR FM Broadcast Stations

  • West
    89.1 Missoula (KUFM)
    91.5 Missoula, city (K218AI)
    91.9 Hamilton (KUFN)
  • Northwest
    89.5 Polson (KPJH)
    90.1 Kalispell, Whitefish, North Valley (KUKL)
    90.5 Libby (KUFL)
    91.7 Kalispell, city (K219BN)
    101.3 Swan Lake (K267BJ)
  • Southwest
    91.3 Butte (KAPC)
    91.7 Helena (KUHM)
    91.7 Dillon (K219DN) 
  • Central
    89.9 Great Falls (KGPR)