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Marijuana in jars on a shop shelf.
Two groups filed lawsuits Wednesday against the governor and the secretary of state arguing that they are violating the Constitution by not allowing lawmakers to vote on whether to override the governor’s veto of a popular bill.
Chicago, Milwaukee, Saint Paul and Pacific 'Hiawatha' train from July 1938.
Philip C. Johnson
Montana History Portal
One of Montana's passenger rail systems has been out of commission for decades, but some residents want to restore it across the southern part of the state. A listener wants to know what's been happening with those efforts. Is more train travel in Montana's future? Learn more in this episode of the Big Why.
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In light of a cancer diagnosis in 2020, the late Dr. Sheila Stearns and William Marcus sit down to chat about Stearns’s family and about her careers as a school teacher and the Commissioner of Higher Education in Montana.
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Former President Donald Trump listens as he speaks with reporters while in flight on his plane after a campaign rally in Waco, Texas, on March 25.
Evan Vucci
The former president has been indicted on seven counts, including willful retention of information related to national defense and at least one false statements charge, a source tells NPR.
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