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NorthWestern Energy builidng in Butte, MT.
Nora Saks / Montana Public Radio

Bill Could Allow NorthWestern To Pass Colstrip Costs Onto Ratepayers

The Montana Senate has approved a bill that could pass costs for the Colstrip coal-fired power plant onto NorthWestern Energy customers if the utility buys an added share in the plant. Senate Bill 379 , intended to continue the operating life of the Colstrip power plant, passed on the 27 to 21 vote and now heads to the House for debate.

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Thank-You Gifts - Spring 2021

You can get one of these fabulous Thank-You Gifts with your donation to Montana Public Radio. Donate now or call us at 1-800-325-1565. Some of the items displayed may have been already been claimed, but there are many more wonderful thank-you gifts to choose from! View them now when you make a donation. Click 'Please Select Thank-You Gift From List', choose an item, then click 'View'.

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Montana COVID-19 News

Fireline Episode 05: Burnout
Jessy Stevenson

Fireline Episode 05: Burnout

There are more than 30,000 people who fight wildfires in the U.S., and about 400 firefighters have died on the job over the last two decades. As fire seasons get longer and fires become more devastating, the physical and mental toll on firefighters themselves is also growing. Learn more now on Fireline Episode 05: Burnout.

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Gov. Gianforte is one of Montana's new cases of COVID. The marijuana bills are now in the Senate's lap. The House votes to abide by the First Amendment. The Republican PSC opposes a Republican Colstrip bill. And the Republican renaissance in Montana owes a lot to the legacy of former Governor Stan Stephens.

Listen now on Capitol Talk with Sally Mauk, Rob Saldin and Holly Michels.

Bill Seeks Warrant Requirement For Searches Of Consumer DNA Databases

Apr 9, 2021
Glowing and shining DNA strands double helix close-up.

HELENA — A bill that would require investigators to obtain a warrant to search consumer DNA databases like 23andMe or drew criticism from law enforcement representatives during a hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee Friday. They say it would make it harder to solve cold cases.

Montana Coronavirus And COVID-19 News

Apr 9, 2021
The novel coronavirus.
Centers For Disease Control and Prevention


The Missoula City County Health Department has launched a COVID-19 vaccine campaign. The effort comes as health officials in multiple counties say demand for vaccines is "softening."

Montana’s congressional delegation wasted no time in reacting to President Joe Biden’s newly announced gun control measures.

President Joe Biden Thursday ordered a half-dozen executive actions aimed at addressing what he calls an "epidemic and an international embarrassment" of gun violence in America. Biden’s announcement follows several mass shootings across the U.S. in recent weeks.

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'Fake Accounts' With Lauren Oyler

This week on The Write Question , it’s a Lauren takeover! Host Lauren Korn chats with debut novelist Lauren Oyler during a conversation that centers social media: identity performance, vulnerability, feelings like pain, envy, and jealousy, and what it would mean to give up their own social media accounts.

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National News

Vaccine Refusal May Put Herd Immunity At Risk, Researchers Warn

Joyce Ann Kraner is eager for the pandemic to end and for life to get back to normal. Kraner, 49, wants to be able to hug her mother, who lives in a nursing home. But she says she has no plans to get the vaccine, even though it's widely available in her community of Murfreesboro, Tenn. "I feel like I'm healthy," she says. Despite the fact that millions of people have been vaccinated safely, Kraner worries about complications. She believes some people are having "life-threatening reactions" to...

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