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The novel coronavirus.
Centers For Disease Control and Prevention

Montana Coronavirus And COVID-19 News

Update 10/20/20 Montana Tuesday reported 706 new COVID-19 cases, bringing the total number of active cases to just under 9,000. The record breaking high of active cases in Montana was Monday with over 9,600. The state dashboard shows 11 more deaths from the virus Tuesday, bringing the total to 252 reported deaths. A total of 360 people with COVID-19 are currently hospitalized.

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Arts & Life

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The Ungulate Mating Calendar Demands Tight Timing

I've seen white-tailed does and fawns in my yard all spring and summer. But just last week I saw two bucks. Why would bucks show up now, when it seemed that only does and fawns lived in the area? Well, if spring is for the birds, then fall would have to be the season for ungulates.

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National News

Health Care Workers Ask Therapist: 'Why Aren't More People Taking This Seriously?'

New cases of coronavirus in the U.S. are climbing, and may hit peaks rivaling the summer surge. Cases are exploding in the upper Midwest and around the Great Lakes, with intensive care units approaching capacity and field hospitals being set up for overflow patients. Health care workers in the Midwest now face some of the same nightmarish scenarios that their colleagues in New York City saw this spring. Throughout the pandemic, these grueling experiences have taken a heavy emotional toll on...

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