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Sponsorship Opportunities

Contact: Jess Walter, Sponsor Support Specialist, 406-243-4511

The latest research shows that adding public radio to your marketing plan will increase your business and add to your public image.

When you become a sponsor of Montana Public Radio you are supporting a valuable community service and reaching a large and loyal audience.

Over the past several years Montana Public Radio has ranked as the most listened-to radio station in ranked markets in Montana.

MTPR reaches over 70,000 listeners every week in western and central Montana. Over 90% of our listeners report doing business with our program sponsors (Source: Montana Public Radio member survey).

Our sponsor announcements are 15 seconds long (about 32 words). One announcement is run at a time, giving our listeners the opportunity to really focus on your message.

We help craft your announcement to be effective and compliant with FCC non-commercial radio requirements. Announcements are recorded by one of our staff members. With a recommended length of 32 words, including the “Who” “MTPR is supported by (sponsor name)”, the “What” and the website as spoken in words. For example: MTPR is supported by Bighorn Outdoor Specialists in Downtown Great Falls, offering outdoor gear for backcountry adventures for all skill levels since 1978. Information. Online at Bighorn Outdoor Specialists dot com. (31 words)


  • Sign up for an Annual Package and receive discounts over our per announcement rates.
  • Annual package schedules are custom crafted for you.


Annual contract sponsors can add digital sponsorship options to expand your reach to the MTPR audience: 300 x 250 website banners are available in blocks of 10,000 per month (fewer for events), which gives you the opportunity to reach the loyal public radio audience in an entirely new way! And you can also add a banner to the MTPR weekly E-Newsletter which is sent to over 10,000 MTPR members.

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