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John Floridis

John Floridis

Host and Producer

John Floridis, the host and producer of Musician's Spotlight, has been with Montana Public Radio since 1997. He has interviewed over 200 musicians during that time from household names like B.B. King, Alison Krauss and Lyle Lovett, to Montana musicians such as Eden Atwood, Darko Butarac and Tom Catmull. He is also an independent recording and performing artist in his own right and a former registered music therapist.

  • One of America's most acclaimed and respected songwriters, Lucinda Williams joins host John Floridis for her first interview on Musician's Spotlight. The conversation took place in late June of 2024 as Lucinda was embarking on a 50th anniversary tour celebrating her over five decade career.
  • Renowned multi instrumentalist, singer and folklorist Bruce Molsky returns to Musician's Spotlight after more than two decades to visit with host John Floridis.
  • Singer songwriter Rhett Miller, front man of the Old 97's dives into his early days growing up in the Dallas, TX music scene, the key to keeping the same band members in a group for over three decades, how he flows his songwriting between the band and his solo work.
  • Bill Harley is one of America’s most beloved storytellers and children’s entertainers. He’s released over 30 recordings. He received two Grammy Awards for Best Spoken Word Album For Children and five additional Grammy nominations. He has also won Parents' Choice awards, ALA (American Library Association) awards and has published numerous books and won a number of awards in that field as well.
  • Acclaimed singer songwriter Martha Scanlan is welcomed back to Musician's Spotlight to talk about her most recent recordings "Save It For Later" and "Last Stars First Light," both collaborations with her longtime musical partner Jon Neufeld.
  • Singer, songwriter, composer Kora virtuoso Sona Jobarteh visits with host John Floridis on this edition of Musician's Spotlight. Sona is a master of the Kora, a harp like instrument from her native country The Gambia.
  • Acclaimed concert violinist Kerson Leong visits with host John Floridis to talk about his career and recordings ahead of an appearance in Montana in the Spring of 2024.
  • Hailing from the Flathead Valley of Montana, fiddler and singer songwriter Hannah King makes her debut on Musician's Spotlight.
  • One of the very finest Irish fiddlers in the world, Eileen Ivers returns to Musician's Spotlight to discuss her immersion into Irish music studies and competitions, her entry into the recording and touring world, her involvement with Riverdance and her performances with the finest symphony orchestras in the world.
  • Renowned Irish American fiddler Winifred Hora returns to Musician's Spotlight to talk about her most recent project, Reverie Road.