Montana Public Radio

Suzanne Grist

Membership Coordinator

Suzanne originally came to Missoula in 1997 to finish her undergraduate degree in Forestry.  Since then, she has spent as much time as possible exploring the lakes, rivers and forests of Montana while raising two beautiful daughters (who are soon to outgrow her).  Her love of music is what originally drew her to Montana Public Radio long before she joined the staff.  She was given the opportunity to work for the station part time in the fundraising and development office in 2010 and more recently began working full time as the Membership and Volunteer Coordinator in September 2015.  She is grateful for the opportunity to dig her heels deeper in the public broadcasting and fundraising arenas.  Her position at Montana Public Radio has taught her many ways to say thank you, particularly to MTPR’s generous supporters.

Ways to Connect

You can get one of these fabulous Thank-You Gifts with your donation to Montana Public Radio. Donate now or call us at 1-800-325-1565.

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Volunteers having fun while answering phones during pledge week.
Anne Hosler

Spring has hit Western Montana which means that for us here at Montana Public Radio the annual spring pledge drive is on the horizon. We have been busy making preparations for this very busy and very important 9 days for Montana Public Radio, but it takes more than just the staff of MTPR to have a successful and fun pledge week.

Volunteers having fun while answering phones during pledge week.
Anne Hosler

Just a friendly reminder that Montana Public Radio's fall drive is coming up and not only do we look forward to spending time with you, but we also need your help! Sign up to volunteer.

Whether you are able to spend a few hours with us in the phone room, in the front office, or in the development office following the drive to thank our new members, it is all important work that we do together to keep MTPR going strong.