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Michael Marsolek is the program director of Montana Public Radio. He also hosts Tuesday Freeforms and Thursday Morning Classics. 

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A woman with headphones on relaxes while listening to music.

Update 04/17/20

Thanks to everyone who called-in to share your comfort music. Tune in Monday, April 20 at 8 p.m. to hear your selections.

Celebrate the first ever Public Radio Music Day with us on Thursday, April 16! Stations across the country will highlight the special role noncommercial stations play in the music world both locally and nationally.

Just like everyone else should be doing right now, MTPR is practicing social distancing and the vast majority of our staff is working from home. That means we have to be a little creative as we work to continue broadcasting news, music and children's programs.

Listen now: Beethoven: String Quartet in C minor, Opus 18, No. 4, recorded at MTPR.

Performers are members of the String Orchestra of the Rockies: Maria Larionoff, first violin; Allion Salvador, second violin; Jennifer Smith, viola; and Adam Collins, cello. Barry Lieberman's orchestral arrangement of this string quartet was part of the SOR's February 23 concert program, honoring the 250th anniversary of Beethoven’s birth.

Hidden Brain Host Shankar Vendantam talks with MTPR's Michael Marsolek about big ideas, understanding our blind spots and upcoming topics for the show.

"I have an opportunity to introduce someone to an amazing musical tradition. And I have an opportunity to share a really fine virtuostic performance by some top performers. And I have a chance to make an impression on someone who's maybe never heard this before ..."

Suzanne Bona, host of Sunday Baroque talks about sharing her love of Baroque music, "listening like a listener" and why Sunday Baroque is made for Sundays.

"I think fear is for people who don't get out very much. The flipside of fear is understanding. We gain understanding when we travel ... Get out, celebrate the diversity, be inspired," says Rick Steves, host of Travel with Rick Steves.

The program joined MTPR's new radio schedule at the beginning of the month. Steves speaks with MTPR's Michael Marsolek about how travel can help you get out of your comfort zone, grow and better understand the world.

Starting September 2, you’ll hear an expanded lineup of engaging programs on Montana Public Radio. MTPR staff will be on the road to meet you on the MTPR Summer Brew Tour, August 12-22. Come chat and have a beer with us and listen to a preview reel introducing four new programs coming to the MTPR schedule.

The Moth Mainstage is coming to Missoula, April 4 2019.
Courtesy Roger Ho

The Moth Mainstage is coming to Missoula April 4 for an evening of stories shared live at The Wilma. Five storytellers take the stage and share true, personal stories involving Occasional Magic. Stories of deception and redemption, sparkly interventions and divine introspections. Abracadabra, kismet and beyond.

Executive Producer Sarah Austin Jenness talks with MTPR's Michael Marsolek about the personal stories that make up the event.

Marty Whitmore is the warning coordination meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Missoula.
Josh Burnham / Montana Public Radio

Marty Whitmore, warning coordination meteorologist for the National Weather Service in Missoula, joined MTPR's Michael Marsolek to give a big-picture view of the recent weather patterns impacting Montana.

Whitmore explains the differences between weather watches, weather alerts and weather warnings, and talks about how the National Weather Service works.