Nick Mott

Nick Mott is a reporter who also works as producer at Threshold, a podcast and radio show. He holds an MA in journalism with a focus in environmental reporting from the University of Colorado Boulder.

Former Indy Staffers Top row (L to R): Charley Macorn, Devon Wade, Susan Shepard,  Erika Fredrickson, Brad Tyer, Derek Brouwer,  Bottom Row (L to R): Alex Sakariassen, Ariel LaVenture, Kou Moua,
Nick Mott

Former staffers of the recently shuttered Missoula Independent announced they’re taking steps to create a new outlet for local journalism last night.

Last month, about a year and a half after buying the Independent, Iowa-based Lee Enterprises shut it down. In more than 25 years the alternative weekly found its way to about 500 distribution locations in the Missoula area.

Grizzly bear recovery zones.
Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee

State, federal and tribal wildlife officials are figuring out what returning Yellowstone-area grizzly bears to the endangered species list means for managing other populations of the animal.

Apples collected at a home in the Rattlesnake Recreation Area
Nick Mott

As temperatures cool, bears all over the state are venturing closer to humans in search of calories for the winter. One Missoula organization is helping keep conflicts between bears and people to a minimum, and giving back to the community at the same time.

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Bear Biologist Cecily Costello at the Wednesday meeting
Nick Mott

Editor’s Note: After this story aired, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks contacted us about how we characterized the Northern Continental Divide Ecosystem’s grizzly bear conservation strategy. See the * below for clarification.

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks is going ahead with business as usual on a rule related to removing grizzly bears in and around Glacier National Park from the endangered species list.

Yellowstone National Park's Upper Geyser Basin in June of 2006.
Yellowstone National Park

Last week, Yellowstone National Park saw thermal activity that hasn't been recorded in the area in decades.