Helena - Lewis and Clark National Forest

Ten thousand square miles. That’s roughly how much public land in Montana the US Forest Service is making new plans for at the moment.

Three National Forests, the Flathead, the Helena-Lewis and Clark and the Custer-Gallatin are all writing the basic governing documents that lay out what can and can’t happen, and where, in their vast territories. In January the Helena-Lewis and Clark is holding a series of public input meetings on their new forest plan.

All this new planning is happening under new forest planning rules. University of Montana Professor of Natural Resource Policy Martin Nie is on a national advisory committee about those rules. 

A map of a portion of the Helena-Lewis and Clark National Forest
Helana-Lewis and Clark National Forest

The Helena - Lewis and Clark National Forest has released its proposed new Forest Plan. The Plan is years in the making, and a four month public comment period on it will open once notice is officially published in the Federal Register, which is expected later this week.