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Butte Locals Get Chance To Help Design Future Creek Corridors

Aug 6, 2018

This week, locals in Butte will have a chance to help shape the designs for what the major creek corridors in town will look like after the Superfund cleanup is over.

In the next few years, a major focus of Butte’s Superfund cleanup is expected to be the removal of the huge piles of historic mine waste buried along the upper Silver Bow Creek and Blacktail Creek corridors that weave through town.

Now, the parties responsible for the Superfund cleanup want to know more about what residents want those creek corridors to look like and be used for, once the cleanup work is finished.

Julia Crain is the Special Projects Planner for Butte-Silver Bow County’s Superfund Division.

“We’ve had a pretty robust conversation in our community about the final land use in the area for the last couple of years, and we want to bring that conversation back to the fore,” said Crain.

On Tuesday, the county, the Environmental Protection Agency, Atlantic Richfield Company, and the state Department of Environmental Quality are hosting two family-friendly community design workshops at a local brewery.

Crain says they’ll be asking participants to consider what exists in those creek corridors now, and what they’d like to see ten years from now.

“This is going to be in our community for a long time. And we are going to be the people who interact with it everyday. And making sure that we are involved and engaged in shaping that is really important," Crain said. "So come and be the master of your destiny and your community.”

The community design workshops are at 12 noon and 6 pm this Tuesday at the Butte Brewing Company.

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Julia Crain is the Special Projects Planner for Butte-Silver Bow County's Superfund Division. August 5, 2018.
Credit Nora Saks