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In Missoula, Politics First, Then Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam is hosting “Festival @ Griz Stadium” before its Rock2Vote concert Monday night.

The free event features music, speeches, and advocacy groups, encouraging concert-goers to take part in Montana political issues ranging from reproductive rights to public lands.

So MTPR’s Nick Mott and Rosie Costain went to the event to check it out.

Nick Mott: So what brings you all here today?

Concert-Goers: Pearl Jam! Absolutely Pearl Jam. Absolutely Pearl Jam, yep. Friends and Pearl Jam.

NM: What brings you out here so early in the day for this pre-show event?

Bella Bloss: I like how we get to see all this diversity in this community and we get to look at all the political things that are going on in Montana, cause we’re not very used to that because we’re not from here.

Kim Demianiw: I’m a little surprised how cool it turned out. Like we heard there was gonna be a bunch of food trucks and stuff, but there’s a lot of great causes down here too.

Rick Bryce: I see a lot of people who are just enjoying the great weather of today, relaxing and listening to a good band that’s out here. They sound real good. But I’ve also seen a lot of people checking out the ACLU and Planned Parenthood and Montana Conservation. That’s really good to see.

Tim Tackett: We’re all here for the same thing, we’re all here for a good time. And it’s cool that people are getting messages out and people are being pretty receptive to it.

Jake Eckert: I just really wanted to come feel some awesome Missoula and hang out and be with a whole bunch of awesome people.

Savannah Ceccacci: I came just to socialize and see everybody and check out all the little booths and what they have to say.

January Powner: I think no matter what side you’re on I think Pearl Jam can bring you together and have a good time no matter what.

Rosie Costain: As people shuffled from booth to booth, their minds were on one thing.

Amy Lombardo: They’re doing sound check right now!

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