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New Areas of Montana Seeing Cases of Chronic Wasting Disease

New Areas of Montana Seeing Cases of Chronic Wasting Disease

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks on May 19 announced the first suspected case of chronic wasting disease in a new area in the southwest corner of the state.

Earlier this month, Fish, Wildlife and Parks euthanized a white tailed buck displaying symptoms of CWD in the Springhill area north of Bozeman. On Tuesday, the agency said initial test results showed the animal may have been carrying the fatal disease, which affects the nervous systems of deer, elk and moose.

CWD is not known to be transmissible to humans. However, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advises against consuming animals that have tested positive.

CWD was first detected in Montana in 2017 and exists along the state’s southern and northern borders, as well as in neighboring states and provinces. The first detection in southwest Montana was in December near Sheridan.

During the coming hunting season, FWP plans to focus part of its statewide surveillance efforts in southwest Montana. The agency is in the process of reviewing possible strategies to manage the disease.

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