Slaughterhouse Opponents To Host Public Forum in Great Falls

Apr 12, 2018

A Great Falls group trying to stop a large new livestock slaughter facility from coming to town is hosting a public forum Saturday night.

The company proposing the 3,000 acre slaughter house and some local stockgrowers say it will create jobs and benefit the ranching industry, but the Great Falls Area Concerned Citizens group is organizing opposition to it.

George Nikolakakos is the group’s spokesperson.

“We’re bringing people together to get informed about the potential consequences of this massive industrial slaughterhouse on our community, everything from environmental and health risks to impacts on our infrastructure and social services,” he said.  

Alberta-based company Friesen Foods says its design for the Great Falls facility is environmentally friendly and will limit negative impacts on the community.

The forum organized by opponents well be held Saturday night at 6pm at the Great Falls Civic Center and will feature former agriculture and anthropology professors from the University of Missouri and University of Kansas.