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Glacier Lilies: Enchanting Yellow Lights Of Spring

May 7, 2019
Glacier lillies in Missoula.
By Forest Service Northern Region from Missoula, MT, USA - Glacier Lily, Public Domain,

"Glacier lilies set standards in beauty and cultural importance. These charming flowers are the lights of spring, indicators of winter’s end, symbols of nutrition, yellow images of patience and longevity, and for me, a new and solid representation of pure human enchantment."

Flicker user, Jean-Pierre Gallot

Eggs Benedict Florentine. Crepes Florentine. Chicken Breast Florentine. Thanks to Catherine de Medici's obsession with spinach, we can designate any dish containing the green stuff "Florentine." That includes spinach quiche. "Food Guy" Greg Patent's got the recipe:

Can Do: Lessons Learned In Season Two

May 3, 2019
Arnie Sherman is the host of 'Can Do: Lessons From Savvy Montana Entrepreneurs'.
Arnie Sherman

This week’s episode of  Can Do: Lessons From Savvy Montana Entrepreneurs is a little bit different. It’s the last show of Season Two, so it seems fitting to reflect on the past 21 shows, and to touch on the experiences shared and lessons learned.

You'll hear the “method to the madness” behind the interviews, and what piece of the puzzle each guest added as we shared lessons from experts who are succeeding as entrepreneurs.

This taut, true thriller dives into a dark world that touches us all, as seen through the brilliant, breakneck career of an extraordinary hacker—a woman known only as Alien.

When she arrived at MIT in the 1990s, Alien was quickly drawn to the school’s tradition of high risk physical trespassing: the original “hacking.” Within a year, one of her hallmates was dead and two others were arraigned.  Alien’s adventures were only just beginning.

A mountain lion in Glacier National Park.
National Park Service (PD)

As the rising sun chases away the glittering stars, a slinking figure moves within the shadows of the trees with grace born only of felines. A small herd of mule deer feed in an adjacent clearing, oblivious to the impending danger. Then, with a flurry of action, the cat rushes from its hiding place amidst the shadows, toward a yearling buck feeding near the tree line. The buck turns to flee when he realizes the danger, but with a great leap the cat is upon him. Within a split second the buck lies limply on the ground, its neck broken.

Recipe: Asparagus Quiche

Apr 28, 2019
Flickr user, Edsel Little (CC-BY-2.0)

Greg Patent's recipe for asparagus quiche combines the elegant flavors of eggs, custard and asparagus - which Greg calls the "queen of vegetables" - with the ease of a low-fuss, press-in, quick-mix pastry dough. Mix the dry ingredients with vegetable oil and milk and press the dough into a pie pan. That’s it. For a buttery taste you can put in ghee instead of oil. Why ghee and not just plain melted butter? Butter is about 18 percent water. Ghee is clarified butter and, like vegetable oil, water-free. Less water means less gluten development, so you’ll get a crispier crust. Ghee gives the crust a rich, buttery flavor, but the texture is crumbly. Great tasting, though.

"Ragged Anthem" is a demonstration in continued poetic growth and expanded terrain. Written from the speaker’s midlife, the poems delve into the transformation of family, childhood tragedies, and politics. Dombrowski lifts the veil on the imbecilic bureaucracies—those on Capitol Hill and in the faculty meetings occurring in our own conference rooms—that often help to whittle our fates. 

Flickr user, Farther Along (CC-BY-2.0)

Here's "Food Guy" Greg Patent's recipe for Moroccan lamb tagine with apples. (A "tagine" can refer either to a Moroccan stew, or the cooking vessel you bake it in.) This dish can - and should - be made ahead and slowly reheated, for maximum flavor. You can substitute beef chuck or rump roast for lamb. The winter squash's sweetness complements the apple and lamb flavors.

As an angel funder, LaPointe provides not just capital but mentoring and networking opportunities to tech-based startups in Montana and nearby states.
Gil Stober

Today on Can Do: Lessons from Savvy Montana Entrepreneurs, angel funder Pat LaPointe drills into the details of accelerating the growth of early-stage tech companies in Montana, and why it matters.

Somewhere between hunting for gold in Latin America as a geologist and getting married to a new husband, thirty-three-year-old Susan Purvis loses her way.

Susan comes to believe that a puppy and working on ski patrol at the last great ski town in Colorado will improve her life. When she learns about avalanches that bury people without warning, she challenges herself: “What if I teach a dog to save lives?” This quest propels her to train the best possible search dog, vowing to never leave anyone behind.