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Words Out West
Words Out West

Welcome to Words Out West, a podcast where you’ll hear voices from the literary landscape of Big Sky Country and beyond.

We spotlight both established and emerging writers of the contemporary West.

A rapping cowboy, a river-guiding novelist and a bus-riding Poet Laureate are just a few of the folks you’ll hear from on Words Out West.

Latest Episodes
  • In this episode, Caroline Keys and Nate Biehl share their original songs along with poems from Caroline and her young student writers.
  • In this episode featuring Métis storyteller Chris La Tray, we celebrate words, and the way even very few words, in the right hands, can capture the wonder in every single day.
  • In this episode, novelist Richard Fifield puts us in a car going way too fast up a narrow mountain road, and that’s only the beginning of our troubles. Take a deep breath, and hold on tight.
  • In this episode, our season finale, Words Out West’s own Jay Kettering writes about a mysterious relationship.This episode contains some adult language…
  • In this episode, Mark Gibbons, Shaun Gant and David E. Thomas explore their own personal landscapes. One ventures to where there are no fences, one…
  • In this episode, David Allan Cates, Sheryl Noethe and Robert Lee mull over the fleeting nature of time. One takes a nostalgic leap of faith, another…
  • In this episode, we hear from Shane Wheeldon, Freya Jones and Chris Sand, three writers who are hard to put in a box. Therefore, it’s our first…
  • In this episode of Words Out West, writers Sheryl Noethe, David E. Thomas, and Sarah Aronson are in the process of searching. One is searching for stories…
  • In this episode, a writer documents a real life, and in this case, a real glamorous life. Myrna Loy: More than a Movie Star - chapter #9 from Beth Judy's Bold Women in Montana History.
  • In this episode, writers David E. Thomas, Sarah Aronson and Mark Gibbons meditate on self-reflection. One ponders which technological time-zone he belongs…