State Health Department Launches ‘ABLE’ Program

Sep 26, 2017

State officials announced today that a new healthcare program is rolling out to provide tax-exempt savings account plans for people with disabilities. 

Montanans with disabilities can now sign up for Achieving a Better Life Experience, or ABLE, savings accounts.

The ABLE program passed with near unanimous support during the 2015 Legislature, but was held up because the state had trouble finding a vendor, and the legislation approving the state program passed without a funding appropriation.

The law allows anyone to give a donation to an ABLE savings account for a person with disabilities. Those donations are tax deductible up to $3,000 per year for certain donors.

Democratic Senator Mary Caferro, from Helena, joined state health department officials in the governor’s office Tuesday morning to announced the launch of the program.

Caferro is the co-sponsor of the ABLE program legislation, along with Republican Senator Fred Thomas from Stevensville.

“The ABLE strengths the rights of Montanans to reach their full potential, live independently, and plan for their future," Caferro said.  "It’s a real game changer.”

ABLE accounts are available for people entitled to benefits under the Supplemental Security Income program or under Social Security disability, retirement and survivors programs.