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Richest Hill: Behind The Scenes With Butte Artist BT Livermore

May 9, 2019

We're hard at work on episode 4 of Richest Hill, and still covering lots of Superfund news in Butte right now. In the mean time, meet one of the artists who's contributed to this project behind the scenes.

BT Livermore,"maker of things and provider of services," designed the Richest Hill logo, and does lots of other creative work in the Mining City. He explains the thinking behind the logo, and why he feels a sense of hope in Butte.

Learn more about BT's work, the goings-on at the Imagine Butte Resource Center, and see the John Powers safety posters mentioned in this interview.

Stay tuned for episode 4, coming soon. You'll learn how the Berkeley Pit took the lid off mining and changed the economy and ecology of Butte forever.