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Green Party Coordinator Says She Didn't Know Signature Gatherers

HELENA, Mont. (AP) — The coordinator of the Montana Green Party testified she did not know many of the people who submitted voter signatures to qualify the party for the 2018 ballot.

Danielle Breck of Missoula said she'd spoken with one of them and gathered some herself, but didn't know people who turned-in hundreds of signatures.

Breck testified Thursday in the Democratic Party's challenge to the Green Party's ballot qualification.

The Democrats argue county clerks wrongly accepted signatures that don't match voter registration cards and the court should disqualify signatures submitted by people the Democrats allege falsely swore to personally gathering.

Breck was asked whether signature-gatherers were paid, as the Democrats allege. She said the Green Party gave some $10 gift cards, but she was not aware of any other payments.

District Judge James Reynolds did not rule on the case.

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