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'Mama Summit' Aims To Help Women Interested In Running For Office

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Women and mothers interested in running for political office are getting together over the Memorial Day weekend in Livingston for training on how to run and become more civically engaged.

The group "Moms Clean Air Force," which advocates for conservation, clean air and children’s health issues, is holding what’s they’re calling a "Mama Summit" near Livingston.

State Representative Laurie Bishop, a Livingston Democrat is looking forward to it.

“I really see women stepping into their power and contributing to the changes that they care about. Yet somehow when we get to that political door we’re stepping into spaces and systems that are very male dominated and it can sometime leave us doubting our own contributions.”

Women have notched plenty of impressive political wins this year.

Heather Toney, a Moms Clean Air Force senior advisor, says women have not been given enough credit for their ability to manage government.

“This is such perfect timing to have this conversation with moms in Montana, elected officials and other women about how they can get engaged in this process.”

This weekend’s Mamma Summit is not open to the general public. Invitations were sent to about 30 women from across Montana who are part of the Mom’s Clean Air Force statewide network.