EPA Plans Q&A On Butte Superfund Cleanup Plan

Jun 11, 2018

Officials from the Environmental Protection Agency will be in Butte again Tuesday, June 12 for what they’re calling a “public availability session and workshop” on the proposed Superfund cleanup plan made public at the end of May.

After details of the cleanup plan were made public, EPA Regional Administrator Doug Benevento said the agency’s goal is to have a final cleanup agreement, or consent decree, signed by the end of the year.

Between now and then is a public review period, and Benevento is encouraging locals to come Tuesday to ask questions and give feedback on their, “conceptual plan”.

“Show up," Benevento says. "If we show up and there’s not a big turnout, then the assumption is that everyone is fine with the way things are going.”

The session is being billed as an informal chance for locals to talk to representatives from the EPA, state Department of Environmental Quality, and the Atlantic Richfield company, to learn more about the plan, its timeline, and the Superfund process.

The EPA’s public availability session and workshop will be from 6-8 p.m. on Tuesday night at the Butte-Silver Bow Public Archives. The agency says it’s one of what will be multiple opportunities to give feedback.

Information will be available on:

  • Proposed Future Work
  • Consent Decree process and proposed timeline
  • Outline of Public Involvement Process

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