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NorthWestern Responds To Consumer Advocate Criticisms Over Colstrip Buy-In Plan

Mar 16, 2020
Originally published on March 16, 2020 7:22 pm


NorthWestern Energy has filed to buy an extra 25 percent of Colstrip Unit 4 from Washington State’s Puget Sound Energy for $1. The Montana Consumer Counsel criticized NorthWestern for the level of information disclosed in the public plan the utility filed with state regulators last month.

The counsel said the proposal lacks analysis on Unit 4 operating data, budgets, and maintenance needs. It stated that the application fails to meet the Public Service Commission's minimum filing requirements.

NorthWestern responded late last week and disagreed. It stated that the Montana Consumer Counsel’s criticisms are related to merit rather than completeness and that it’s provided all the necessary information.

The PSC is scheduled to address the purchase application at its regular business meeting Tuesday.

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