Montana Public Radio

New BLM Policy Aims To Save Migratory Birds

Feb 25, 2016

The Bureau of Land Management released a new policy today in an effort to decrease hazards to migratory birds. The policy states that all pipes, like fences, signposts, survey markers and vents, must be capped or screened by employees. The BLM estimates that over 100,000 birds could be saved from getting trapped.

Steve Hoffman, director of Montana Audubon, says birds like wrens and bluebirds tend to nest in the open pipes, where they get stuck and eventually starve.

“There are a lot of these pipes in Montana, so this is very relevant to our state, and very relevant to our bird population that  we care so much about.” 

Uncapped pipes are common on BLM land, to mark mines and other landmarks. The BLM estimates that two to four birds and other small animals could be saved by this policy for each capped pipe.

Find more information at the BLM website.