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Montana Republicans Retain Legislative Control

Nov 9, 2018

Although all votes have yet to be counted, Montana Republicans will hold a legislative majorities in both the Montana House of Representatives and Senate.

The majorities will give Republicans the power to elect leaders of both the Senate and the House and choose committee chairpersons at upcoming party caucuses in Helena.

If projections stand, Montana Republicans could hold 30 Senate seats compared to 20 for Democrats. In the House, Republicans lead in 58 contests compared to 42 for the Democrats. That could change slightly as final votes are counted.

Those results would give Democrats two more Senate seats and one more House seat than they had last session.

“We feel like voters sent a message for our case, “ said Sen. John Sesso, D-Butte, who served as Senate minority leader last session. “We’re please to have gained a few seats. It’s given us a bit more footing to try to stand up and fight for our citizens.”

The 2019 Legislative session begins Jan. 7 in Helena and will run for 90 days.

Story and graphic by Timothy Pierce, Community News Service, UM School of Journalism