The Missoula county attorney’s race may be the hottest race in town

May 14, 2014

Missoula democratic county attorney candidate Kirsten Pabst

The democratic primary race for Missoula county attorney is more high profile than usual this election - first, since there is no Republican candidate, the winner of the primary will be the next county attorney. Secondly, the current county attorney Fred Van Valkenburg has made headlines because of his legal fight with the federal Justice department over his office's past handling of sexual assault cases.
    The two democratic candidates - Kirsten Pabst and Josh Van de Wetering - are both Missoula attorneys currently in private practice, who have worked in the county attorney's office.

We'll have a feature interview with Van de Wetering tomorrow during Montana Evening Edition. In tonight's feature, Kirsten Pabst talks with News Director Sally Mauk about the issues in the race, and about why she left the county attorney's office after working there for 18 years.