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Horse Deaths Postpone Hamilton Wild Horse Adoption Event

Jun 21, 2019

A wild horse and burro adoption event in Hamilton this weekend was postponed following the deaths of two horses.

One horse died, and another was euthanized Thursday after showing signs of severe colic and endotoxemia.

The Bureau of Land Management has quarantined the remaining animals while it works with local veterinarians to test them for disease. The agency gave no timeline for test results.

BLM Spokesperson Sarah Holm says the move to isolate the animals was mostly precautionary.

“None of the other animals are showing signs of anything, so they have high hopes that everything is going to come back positive, but until it does, we just have to take all of the precautions that we can," she said. 

A BLM statement says, “There is no reason to believe the problem will extend beyond this group of animals.”

The public can view the remaining animals at the Ravalli County Fairgrounds and start adoption paperwork, but will not be able to take them until they have been given a clean bill of heath.

Any animals that are not adopted will go to another adoption event in Kalispell next weekend.