Montana Public Radio

Fox Announces Gubernatorial Running Mate

Jan 29, 2020

Montana Attorney General Tim Fox is heating up the Republican party primary race for governor, picking a running mate from his rival’s home town. Fox has tapped former Montana House Rep. Jon Knokey from Bozeman as his lieutenant governor.

Knokey joined the Fox ticket pitching a moderate Republican message the duo says can win the general election.

“We must elect the Republican that can win in November, alright?” Knokey said.

Montana Republicans see the 2020 election as a chance to control the Governor’s office for the first time in 16 years. The office evaded Republicans even in 2016, when the party held a legislative majority and swept every other statewide elected office.

Following the press event that kicked off the ticket pairing, Fox and Knokey announced a fundraiser later that day at the Montana State University football stadium. Fox’s cash on hand currently trails primary race rival Congressman Greg Gianforte, from Bozeman. Kalispell’s Montana Senator Al Olszewski is a distant third in fundraising totals.

Olszewski named fellow Republican state legislator Kenneth Bogner, from Miles City, his running mate in October. Gianforte has not yet announced a running mate. The primary is June 2.