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Planned Parenthood of Montana won’t offer abortion medication for out-of-state residents

Planned Parenthood of Montana.

Planned Parenthood of Montana has stopped offering medication abortion services to out-of-state residents.

News of the policy change was first circulated on Twitter by freelance journalist Hunter Pauli, and confirmed by MTPR. In a statement, Planned Parenthood of Montana CEO, Martha Fuller, said the decision is in response to a “rapidly changing landscape for abortion access across the country.”

Medication abortions can be prescribed via telehealth and managed at home over a multi-day period.

Now that Roe v. Wade is overturned, South Dakota has enacted a total ban on abortion, and providers can be charged with a felony for offering services in the state. Abortion bans are imminent in North Dakota, Wyoming and Idaho.

Abortion remains legal and accessible in Montana. Planned Parenthood clinics here will continue to offer in-person surgical abortion services to out-of-state patients.

Shaylee is Montana Public Radio's Capitol reporter. She previously worked for the Bozeman Daily Chronicle and covered the 2019 legislative session for the University of Montana's Legislative News Service.