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Montana Legislators Will Spend The Week Training And Studying

State Capitol, Helena
Jacob Baynham
Community News Service, UM School of Journalism
Montana's State Capitol in Helena

Montana lawmakers are meeting in the State Capitol this week to study budget, tax, and policy trends. The unusual gathering will also include discussion on moving the state towards annual legislative sessions.

The legislative week will focus on the training and deep dives that couldn't be squeezed into the biennial legislative session schedule. Topics will center around tax policy and government trends, including briefings questioning if the Montana’s tax structure needs to evolve with Montana’s changing economy.

Lawmakers aren't in session, so no policy will be passed this week. Legislators are expected to talk about the merits of moving toward annual legislative sessions, as well as other potential changes to the legislative process. The public will have a chance to weigh in on lawmakers’ study of the issue Tuesday morning.

A checkup on an ongoing disagreement between the Governor’s Office and legislative auditors was a last-minute addition to the schedule. The Governor’s Office says $80 million in state infrastructure projects are on hold because of an audit showing potential significant errors in Montana’s Medicaid system.

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