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Man Falls In Thermal Waters Around Old Faithful

A man suffered severe burns after falling into thermal water near the cone of Old Faithful Geyser in Yellowstone National Park Sunday.

During an investigation Monday morning rangers found Cade Edmond Siemers' shoe, hat and a beer can, footprints going to and from the geyser, and blood on the boardwalk. Results from the ongoing investigation will be forwarded to the United States Attorney’s Office for prosecutorial review.

A park press release says Siemers, a 48-year-old U.S. citizen currently living in India, told rangers he had gone for a walk off the boardwalk without a flashlight and tripped into a hot spring. He was able to return to his room and call for help. He was taken by ambulance to West Yellowstone Airport and flown to Idaho Falls.

The area around Old Faithful is always closed to the public.

Yellowstone National Park reports this is the first serious injury in a thermal area in two years. A man suffered severe burns after falling into a hot spring in the Lower Geyser Basin in 2017. The year prior, a man died after leaving the boardwalk and slipping into a hot spring in Norris Geyser Basin.

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