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Dems Rally For Bullock On Equal Pay

Gov. Steve Bullock at an equal pay rally in Helena Monday
Corin Cates-Carney
Montana Public Radio
Gov. Steve Bullock at an equal pay rally in Helena Monday

Democrats held so-called “Equal Pay Rallies” in seven cities across Montana today, trying to help Governor Steve Bullock win re-election. 

In Helena, Bullock himself used the Equal Pay for Equal Work task force he created in 2013 as a platform to attack his Republican opponent Greg Gianforte for not doing enough for Montana women.

“Thank you for being here today and for helping call attention to one of the most common sense things that we can demand as Montanans,” he told supporters. 

Bullock criticized Gianforte’s recent comments on the talk radio program Voices of Montana.

Here’s what Gianforte told show host Jon Arneson:

“You know I think it's interesting that Bullock has made such a big deal over this equal pay for women. I think clearly, as a dad of a daughter, you know I think, individuals regardless of gender should be paid on their ability to do a job. But, I don't think we should be legislating on equality of outcomes.”

Bullock’s equal pay task force will propose the Paycheck Fairness Act to lawmakers next session. It failed to pass in 2015.

Bullock quoted part of Gianforte’s comment during Monday’s event as he tried to pit women voters against his opponent.

“Make no mistake, Montana women are watching today," Bullock said. "It starts by electing the people who understand that as basic as equally in this state is actually a big deal.”

A poll released by Lee Newspapers earlier this month shows Bullock with a two point lead over Gianforte, within the margin of error.

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