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Montana AFL-CIO Announces Endorsements For Statewide Office

Montana Politics News

Today Montana’s AFI-CIO unions threw their support behind five candidates running for statewide office in 2016. Most notably the only Republican to get the labor unions’ support is incumbent Attorney General Tim Fox.University of Montana political scientist Rob Saldin says the unions endorsing Fox will make a challenge by a Democratic candidate difficult.

“Now that Fox has been endorsed by the AFL-CIO it probably makes it less even appealing for a Democrat to enter, so I do think that there will be a real question now if Fox will face a Democratic opponent.”

The AFL-CIO also endorsed Governor Steve Bullock for re-election, Jesse Laslovich for State Auditor, Melissa Romano for Superintendent of Public Instruction, and current State Auditor Monica Lindeen for Secretary of State.

The AFL-CIO’s Executive Board said they interviewed most candidates running for statewide office before deciding who to endorse.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Gianforte did not meet with the unions when they requested an interview. Saldin says an endorsement for Gianforte was unlikely, but by choosing to not meet with them he has made a bit of an enemy with the unions. Gianforte’s campaign has said he’s willing to meet, but his schedule has not yet permitted.

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