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Senator Jon Tester says addressing climate change will be good for Montana

Montana's Senator Jon Tester was quick to praise President Obama's recent speech on climate change, where the President outlined actions he intends to take to address it. In his statement Tester said as a farmer, he's seen first-hand the effects of climate change, and he's glad the President is kicking off the discussion.

"If we shut every coal plant down in the country today, if we just shut the ones down in Montana, our energy prices would go through the roof, and it wouldn't be practical. We don't have other options right now."

But the devils in the details, and many of the President's proposals are controversial, especially for the fossil fuel energy industry. In this feature interview, Senator Tester talks with News Director Sally Mauk about some of those details, and how they might impact Montana.

Retired in 2014 but still a presence at MTPR, Sally Mauk is a University of Kansas graduate and former wilderness ranger who has reported on everything from the Legislature to forest fires.
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