Keith Regier

Montana Highway Patrol Hosts DUI Lab To Educate Legislators

Feb 12, 2019
Montana Highway Patrol Sergeant Kurt Sager demonstrates for legislators part of a field sobriety test on a participant, tracking his eye movements. Feb. 12, 2019.
Shaylee Ragar / UM Legislative News Service

HELENA -- As Montana lawmakers consider overhauling the state’s DUI laws, the Montana Highway Patrol wants to dispel myths about blood alcohol levels.

This week, the Highway Patrol hosted a demonstration with live intoxicated volunteers to show just how much alcohol it actually takes to be beyond legal limits.

Student Loan Reporting Bill Passes State Senate

Feb 12, 2019

The Montana Senate has passed a bill that would request that the Montana University System host workshops to help students better manage their debt.

Senate Bill 87, sponsored by Senator Keith Regier from Kalispell, is scheduled for the House Education Committee Wednesday.

Senate Panel Hears Bill On Increasing Penalties For Aggravated DUI

Jan 22, 2019
DUI check point. File photo.

HELENA -- A bill in the Legislature would change DUI laws in Montana, making it legal for officers to take a blood sample from someone who refuses a breathalyzer on the first offense and increasing penalties for aggravated cases.

University of Montana's Main Hall.
Josh Burnham / MTPR

Montana State University and University of Montana students are on average tens of thousands of dollars in debt after four years in school. With that in mind, lawmakers are thinking about making financial education a bigger part of the university's responsibility. But the idea could violate the state constitution.

Two Abortion Bills Remain In Montana Legislature

Apr 18, 2017
Montana Capitol
Eric Whitney

HELENA — There are two abortion bills still in play in the 2017 Montana Legislature.

Senate Bill 329, or the Montana Pain-Capable Unborn Child Act, would make it a felony for providers to perform abortions after about five months of pregnancy unless there’s a medical emergency. The bill needs one more vote to get to the governor’s desk.