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Veteran works to preserve his Blackfeet language and land

Jun 13, 2013

Blackfeet Marine veteran and UM student Jesse DesRosier
Credit Sally Mauk

The solace offered by open spaces and beautiful landscapes is part of what prompted the formation in 2009 of a Portland-based nonprofit organization known as the Vet Voice Foundation.

      The foundation is made up of veterans working for land conservation to, in their words, "ensure that future generations of veterans will return to a country that provides space for hunting, camping, hiking and exploring that has helped heal the physical and emotional wounds of war for this generation."

"Chief Mountain is a sacred mountain for all our people, and I go there for solace a lot."

Marine veteran and University of Montana student Jesse DesRosier  is a member of the group, and was in Washington, D.C. recently to lobby for land preservation. In this feature interview, he talks with News Director Sally Mauk about the foundation, and about his own journey from growing up Blackfeet in Browning, to serving his country.