Sperry Chalet Comments Favor Rebuilding As It Was

Apr 4, 2018

Glacier National Park received nearly 400 public comments on its four concepts to rebuild the Sperry Chalet, which partially burned in the Sprague Fire last summer. 

Almost three quarters of respondents said they favored two plans that would rebuild the chalet’s scorched dormitory on its existing footprint. Both plans, released in February, assume the building’s burned walls are stable.

Five percent of comments favored a third plan, which would move the dormitory to a different location and shore-up the remaining stone walls as a ruin. And another five percent liked a fourth plan that would replace a stone-and-timber dormitory with seasonal tents.

Some comments brought up ideas the Park hadn’t yet identified, like the four percent of commenters who said they’d like to see the area return to a natural state.

The Park says overall, public comments expressed strong interest in retaining Sperry Chalet’s historic character.

The National Park Service is now preparing of an environmental assessment. A draft version is expected for public review and comment mid-April. The Service says this accelerated schedule will allow for required environmental compliance before the summer season.