Kayla Desroches

Kayla Desroches reports for Yellowstone Public Radio in Billings. She was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, and stayed in the city for college, where she hosted a radio show that featured serialized dramas like the Shadow and Suspense. In her pathway to full employment, she interned at WNYC in New York City and KTOO in Juneau, Alaska. She then spent a few years on the island of Kodiak, Alaska, where she transitioned from reporter to news director before moving to Montana.

Governor Steve Bullock has once again failed to qualify for the primary debate stage in his bid for the presidency.

Montana officials are expanding restrictions on the transport of big game animals to prevent the spread of a fatal disease.

A clean energy report released Tuesday ranks states on their green energy-friendly policies, and some parts of the Rocky Mountain region are lagging behind coastal states.

Montana State University Billings announced Monday its total enrollment is up, but the count of full-time students is down.

Single engine air tanker (SEAT) returning to Plains, Montana airport from the burnout operation on August 29. SEATs have been dropping water in support of burnout and fireline construction on both the north and south sides of the Copper King Fire.

The latest in a series of federal grants could help Billings increase its number of flights and attract new airlines.

Billings Logan International Airport began construction of its new terminal earlier this month.

Earlier this year, Montana proposed quadrupling the upper limit of radioactive oil waste that could be disposed at certified sites. On Tuesday, the state Department of Environmental Quality held its first of two public hearings about the proposed rule change in Glendive.

The results of a plastic contamination survey of 50 waterways in Montana is expected in October.

An association of oil and gas industry members from Montana met in Billings this week to talk about issues the industry is facing, like transporting crude oil.

Montana proposed regulations on Friday that outline what facilities need to do to dispose of radioactive waste while also monitoring for environmental side effects.

A medical center dedicated exclusively to injury rehabilitation opened in Billings this week. They say their facility is unique in the state.