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Whitefish Woman's Lawsuit Over 'Daily Stormer' Harassment Proceeding

Excerpt from a lawsuit filed over anti-Semitic harassment of a Whitefish woman.
Excerpt from the lawsuit filed over anti-Semitic harassment online.

The Missoulian is reporting that a Whitefish woman’s lawsuit against a Nazi website is going forward.

Seven months ago Tanya Gersh filed suit against Andrew Anglin, publisher of the Daily Stormer website. In May, Gersh told MTPR’s Nicky Ouellet about how The Daily Stormer called for readers to harass her and her family over her dealings with the mother of white nationalist Richard Spencer.

"Some of them were, 'we want to drive you to the brink of suicide; this is the way we can keep the Holocaust alive for ever; we're going to bury you without having to touch you; You should burn.' Tons of messages about gas chambers and ovens. It was unfathomable," Gersh said.

Gersh and her attorneys were unable to locate Anglin for months after filing the lawsuit in federal court in Missoula. The Missoulian is reporting that they have since made contact with an attorney representing him, and that the courts have set December deadlines in the case.

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