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Bullock Raises More Than Gianforte In First 2016 Reporting Period

Campaign funds graphic

Governor Steve Bullock raised more money in the latest campaign finance reporting period than his opponent Greg Gianforte.

The Democratic Governor reports bringing in just over $180,000 compared to $173,000 raised by Republican challenger Greg Gianforte.

In releasing the new numbers, the campaigns traded barbs about who is receiving more support from special interest groups and Political Action Committees, or PACs.

Gianforte emailed this soundbite to the media:

"I’m humbled by the outpouring of support from across the state, and we’re doing it without special interest PAC money."

An email statement from Bullock’s campaign manager Eric Hyers says, “an out-of-state super PAC is already lining up unlimited special interest money behind Steve's opponent and at any moment he could drop his own massive fortune into his campaign in an attempt to buy the election."


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