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'STEM Saturdays' Get Billings Students Excited About Science

'March For Science' Events Planned Across Montana
200 elementary school children are signed up to learn more about energy and engineering this Saturday in Billings.

200 elementary school children are signed up to learn more about energy and engineering this Saturday in Billings. Industry representatives will be leading hands on activities, and members of Billings Senior High’s STEM Society will also be there.

Grace Ostermiller is a Junior at Billings Senior High.

"I’m giving up my Saturday because I have a younger sister and she got really excited when they started having these STEM Saturdays."

This STEM Billings Event is focused on energy and engineering. Last November’s was on flight. It’s for students in Kindergarten through the 6th grade.

Members of the Senior High STEM Society will be at the event sharing their enthusiasm for math and science.

"Science and math are my favorite courses," says senior Payton Harrison.

"I’m taking physics right now and it’s probably my favorite class that I’ve ever taken just because of the content of the things you learn about and how it relates to everything else."

That wanting to know how and why things work also drew George Dyre to science.

"Cause I’m super interested in space and aeronautics and stuff," Dyre says, "and so I’m just looking forward to pass on that same knowledge to other people while learning more about it myself."

Claire Griffin is also junior.

"And science, you get to learn about everything. And how things work, like George said," Griffin adds.

"It’s just really interesting. So to spread our interest in STEM and help other people get excited about it is really rewarding."

All four of these students are members of the executive board for Senior High’s STEM Society. Their faculty advisor is Chemistry teacher Craig Beals.

The STEM Society also performs science “magic” shows at the elementary schools around Billings. Mr. Beals says at STEM Saturday their role is slightly different.

"They will be there sort of as leaders to show the younger kids what does science look like when I get older, and what do I need to take, and is it still okay to be interested in science when I get to high school."

This Saturday’s STEM Billings event is sold out, even though the organizers raised the attendance limit to 200.

Registration is scheduled to begin in early March for another STEM Saturday event. This one focusing on the Medical field.

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