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FWP: Feeding Wildlife Is Illegal And Dangerous

White-tailed deer.
White-tailed deer.

State and tribal Wildlife managers are reminding Montanans that the supplemental feeding of game animals is illegal on private and state land on the Flathead Reservation, as well as off the reservation.

Last week, state Fish, Wildlife and Parks wardens euthanized an orphaned doe after it was taken care of by homeowners in Forsyth for six years. The feeding of deer, elk, moose, antelope, mountain lions and bears is prohibited. The recreational feeding of birds can also be unlawful if it attracts hooved animals or bears.

FWP Game Warden Ron Howell noted that residents sometimes claim to be feeding turkeys, but this feeding can also attract other species, like deer. Deer can in turn attract mountain lions and pose a safety threat to neighbors.

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