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Gianforte Raises $255K For Possible Governor Run

Greg Gianforte at his home in Bozeman in 2016
Eric Whitney
Greg Gianforte at his home in Bozeman

HELENA, Mont. (AP) — Greg Gianforte's exploratory campaign says the Republican has raised $255,000 since he announced a possible run for governor in mid-August.

The Bozeman entrepreneur has not declared his candidacy, but he previously filed with the state commissioner of political practices to raise money as he explores the possibility.

Gianforte spokeswoman Amy Lunde released the amount raised through Sept. 30 in a statement on Monday. Campaign finance documents from Gianforte and other 2016 gubernatorial candidates for the quarter were not yet available from the state commissioner on political practices.

Seven people have filed paperwork for the chance to unseat incumbent Democratic Gov. Steve Bullock next year.

The governor's campaign had more than $595,000 in the bank in the last reporting period that ended June 30. Bullock does not yet have a primary opponent.

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