Prominent atheist advocates for more separation of church and state

Apr 21, 2014

"There's no evidence that atheists are worse people than theists."

Is America too religious - or not religious enough? Does our government truly separate church and state?
    The D.C. and New York-based Center for Inquiry would answer yes to the first question and no to the second. The Center lobbies and litigates for separation of church and state, and advocates for what it calls scientific naturalism.
    President and CEO Ronald Lindsay is in Montana this week to talk about his new book titled "The Necessity of Secularism." 

President and CEO of the Center for Inquiry, Ronald Lindsay

  In this feature interview, Lindsay talks with News Director Sally Mauk about his atheism - and his promotion of a science-based belief system.

[Ronald Lindsay will give a free public talk Monday evening, April 21st, at 7 o'clock at the Missoula public library. He will also speak Tuesday evening, April 22nd at 7, at the Museum at Central school in Kalispell. ]