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Colstrip power plant, Colstrip Montana.
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A plan to allow the state’s largest electric utility to buy a bigger share of the coal-fired power plant in Colstrip is taking a new form. The so-called Montana Energy Security Act of 2019 was introduced Wednesday in the state Legislature.

Hours after senators voted to table a prior proposal to allow NorthWestern Energy to buy more of Colstrip and pass along certain costs to their customers for up to 30 years, a similar idea landed in the hopper.

Colstrip power plant.
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HELENA — A bill would allow NorthWestern Energy to take control of the Colstrip power plant with scaled-back regulatory oversight, and it’s moving through the Legislature at lightning speed.

The sign outside the Montana Commissioner of Political Practices Office.
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A bill to reform state campaign finance laws hit a snag on Monday when Senators rejected work by their peers in the House.

Billings Republican Tom Richmond says his bill to increase contribution limits and remove loopholes in state campaign laws passed with wide support, picking up all but two votes in the Senate in March, but is now at risk of being vetoed by the governor unless changed.

Montana Bill Takes Aim At Animal Fight Spectators

Mar 24, 2015
Montana Capitol
William Marcus

Wednesday at the Montana Legislature, lawmakers hear a bill that would criminalize the act of watching animal fights. The bill’s sponsor, Republican Representative Tom Richmond, says it aims to give police an extra tool for catching organizers of the events and to stop anyone from encouraging this felony-level crime.

“They are participants in the activities. They’re there to gamble or to watch the blood sport, or whatever you want to call it. But they are there with the purpose of watching an animal fight.”

'Fracking' Chemical Disclosure On Friday's Legislative Agenda

Jan 22, 2015
Montana capitol, Helena.
William Marcus

A bill requiring the disclosure of chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, is coming up on Friday.