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Forrest Mandeville

It's been a busy week at the Montana Legislature. Medicaid expansion and a bill to help NorthWestern Energy acquire more coal are still alive; A bill to fund preschool education is killed; And a bill to help find missing and murdered Native American women is passed, then killed, then revived. Learn more now on Capitol Talk with Sally Mauk, Rob Saldin and Holly Michels.

Hospital monitor.
Josh Burnham / Montana Public Radio

A Medicaid expansion policy with new requirements for some low-income adults enrolled in the program passed its first major vote today on the Montana House floor.

The so-called Medicaid Reform and Integrity Act cleared the initial vote 61-39, despite objections from the Republican majority leadership. 

A policy to continue Medicaid expansion in Montana has passed its first vote in the state Legislature. The bill includes what some are labeling as work requirements for so-called able-bodied adults enrolled in the program.

The House Human Services committee voted 11-8 Tuesday evening to approve a heavily amended House Bill 658, carried by Republican Rep. Ed Buttrey.

'Capitol Talk:' Socialism, A Sales Tax, And A Swipe At Gianforte

Feb 8, 2019

Sen. Daines equates Democrats to Venezuelan socialists; Lawmakers hear a massive sales tax bill; And House Democrats take a not-so-subtle dig at Montana's U.S. Rep.

Sally Mauk, Rob Saldin and Holly Michels discuss these stories and more, right now on "Capitol Talk."

The House chamber at the Montana Legislature.
Nick Mott / Montana Public Radio

The Montana House narrowly approved a bill Monday to make it harder for state lawmakers to raise taxes.

The Republican majority advanced House Bill 148 despite a handful of their party joining Democrats in opposition.

Montana Capitol building.
William Marcus / MTPR

Montana may join 15 other states in making it more difficult to pass new or increased taxes.

A simple majority of the state Legislature can currently approve new taxes or fees. But House Bill 148 introduced Tuesday would raise that threshold to a two-thirds supermajority.

Montana Legislature Passes More Than A Dozen Bills Thursday

Apr 13, 2017
Montana Capitol in Helena.
William Marcus / Montana Public Radio

The Montana Legislature is taking a break this weekend after passing more than a dozen bills today. The Legislature has only two scheduled weeks left in the 90-day session.

Voting booths at the Missoula Library.
Josh Burnham

What’s known as the mail-in ballot bill, to give counties the option of running the upcoming special election without physical polling places, is now dead after a vote today in the state House of Representatives.

Supporters of Senate Bill 305 tried to blast the legislation onto the House floor after it failed to move out of committee earlier this week.

Bill Could Allow Montanans To Own Pet Foxes

Jan 9, 2017
Red fox.

Each legislative session, literally hundreds of bills are introduced. Some effect a lot of people, some just a few. And this year at least one bill is being brought at the request of a single person. It would make it legal to own a fox as a pet.  

At first, we thought that this bill was trying to open the door to commercial fox fur farming in the state. A couple of years ago, there was controversy about a bobcat fur farm in eastern Montana. Well were wrong.

Crossbows, Fantasy Sports On This Week's Legislative Agenda

Jan 14, 2015
Montana Capitol, Helena, MT.
William Marcus / Montana Public Radio

Thursday and Friday at the Montana Legislature will set the stage for some interesting new bills by freshman Columbus Representative Forrest Mandeville.

On Thursday, he’s presenting House Bill 176, which would allow crossbows to be used for hunting during archery season.