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Listen: Sofia breaks a promise to help her friend Maddi

Lia Mendez with the cover of the book 'Maddi's Fridge'.
Lia Mendez with the cover of the book 'Maddi's Fridge'.

'Maddi's Fridge' book cover shows an illustration of two children standing in front of a refrigerator.
'Maddi's Fridge' book cover

Maddi’s fridge was virtually empty - containing only a carton of milk. Her friend Sofia, wanted to fill Maddi’s fridge, but how? Sofia made a promise to Maddi not tell anyone that she had very little food at her house.

Lia Mendez, MTPR Children’s programming contributor joined Sam, program host and Dana McMurray, Children’s Librarian from the Missoula Public Library on The Pea Green Boat on Monday September 26 to shine a light on Huger Action Month with a reading of Maddi’s Fridge, written by Lois Brandt and illustrated by Vin Vogel, published by Flashlight Press.

Sam Manno, that’s me! The host and producer of the Children's Corner.
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