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The Show Must Go On: Radio In The COVID-19 Era

Apr 1, 2020

Just like everyone else should be doing right now, MTPR is practicing social distancing and the vast majority of our staff is working from home. That means we have to be a little creative as we work to continue broadcasting news, music and children's programs.

We are still staffed at our studios in Missoula, but it's a lonely job. The operator in Master Control is often the only one in the building. And they've added constant hand washing, cleaning and disinfecting to their usual routine of making radio and running MTPR.

Tom Berich hosting All Things Considered in Master Control at Montana Public Radio, amid various cleaners and disinfectants.

I am programming and scheduling from home these days and am working with the networks and our producers to keep original and important content on the air every day. We have added 20 additional newscasts to the schedule each week and are offering Montana news nearly every day. We will continue to have a weekly COVID-19 special from NPR at 4 p.m. Sundays. The Monday Music Special for April 06 will be another You Must Remember This show put together by Alan Secher from Whitefish.

'Morning Classics' Host Susan Israel setting up recording options at her house.

As we continue to adjust, some of our music shows are now being programmed from afar. Susan Israel hosted Morning Classics this week from home, and Allan R. Scott the Music Director of the Helena Symphony is hosting Morning Classics shows from his home in Helena. NPR and APM updated stations today about some wonderful shows that are being produced right now from This American Life, Hidden Brain and many of the music shows too.

We will be here for you with your daily connection to music and cultural programs, news and children’s shows. As we stay put to do our part here in this time of crisis, it's wonderful to know we have our radio connection as we listen together. I am grateful for all of our listeners and all of our hard working staff in all the facets of MTPR.

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Michael Marsolek – Program Director