Montana's Higher Education Levy Passes With Over 60 Percent Approval

Nov 7, 2018

Montana voters Tuesday passed the Six Mill Levy for the eighth time in the past 70 years.

The property tax provides about 10 percent of the state’s appropriation to higher education and helps support approximately 40,000 in-state students.

The levy enjoys bipartisan support, but its margins of victory have trended downward.

The last time it went before voters back in 2008 it only garnered 56 percent of the vote.

Bob Brown, with Montanans for the Six Mill Levy spoke to MTPR late Tuesday night.

"In recent years it's declined a little bit, but not precipitously," Brown said. "If it remained at about 62 percent, then I think that would buck the trend a little bit.”

By mid-afternoon Wednesday the six-mill levy pulled in over 62 percent of the vote with almost 93 percent of precincts reporting.

University officials say the 6-mill helps fund day-to-day business operations on Montana’s four and two-year campuses.